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Logo / Brandbook / 3D model / Packaging

Our team has developed a new concept for popular street food.

Nova Shawarma is a fundamentally new fast-food franchise focused on the sale of healthy and elite shawarma.

This is the first shawarma franchise to focus on healthy eating. Instead of the classic harmful recipe, the ingredients of elite shawarma are products such as brie cheese, avocado, shrimp, mango, and more.


Create a logo, brand book, 3D model, design of a retail outlet and packaging for restaurants on wheels "Нова Шаурма"

The "Нова Шаурма" logo and the chosen color scheme reflect the essence of the concept of healthy and wholesome nutrition.
The following colors were used for the logo : #C0EBE2, #FABADC, #CD95D4
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Brandbook / Logo / 3DModel
Brandbook / Logo / 3DModel